24th-26th May 2016

Boston, USA

Improve Clinical Care & Operations Using Big Data, Data Science & Effective Analytics to Achieve a Personalized & Value-Based Healthcare Paradigm

In a new analytical paradigm spurred on by a fundamental need to extract meaningful value from healthcare data, the 3rd Annual Advanced Healthcare Analytics Summit 2016 (formerly Big Data in Healthcare) helped healthcare organizations improve decision making to enhance patient experience and outcomes in a cost effective and value based manner.

Attendees discovered when and how to leverage effective analytics to improve clinical care, operations and performance management. They ensured decision makers would have the insight to integrate and drive tangible value from data in order to place correct and actionable insights in the hands of caregivers and patients alike.

The Advanced Healthcare Analytics Summit 2016 gave participants the chance to shift away from the big data hype towards transformational improvements to patient care in practice by extracting true insight from data.

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“I thought the content in the 3 day sessions was outstanding. It provided an insight into what large Healthcare organizations are doing with data analytics and big data. The takeaways were valuable and it's something we will try to implement both at Hanover Hospital and for other clients.”

- Hanover Hospital

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