May 23-24, 2018
Boston, USA

Driving Cost-Effectiveness of Care Delivery & Patient Value Through the Implementation of Advanced Analytics Tools

The 5th Annual AHA (Advanced Healthcare Analytics) Summit 2018 is returning to Boston, and bringing together again the top leaders and innovators in healthcare data, analytics and medical information for two days of insightful learning and collaborative discussion.

At this dedicated forum, we will delve into how top healthcare organizations are revolutionizing the field and overcoming the challenges to leverage new and more advanced analytic capabilities to reduce cost while maximizing the quality and value of care to their patients and their community.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from real world case studies demonstrating how to gain better insights, enhance decision-making processes and improve clinical and operational outcomes in a cost effective manner.

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“I thought the content in the 3 day sessions was outstanding. It provided an insight into what large Healthcare organizations are doing with data analytics and big data. The takeaways were valuable and it's something we will try to implement both at Hanover Hospital and for other clients.”

- Hanover Hospital