May 23-24, 2018
Boston, USA

About Event

In the current healthcare landscape, where cost of care delivery and insurance premiums continue to rise at unsustainable rates, advanced analytics are more than ever regarded as the solution moving forward and the key driver for improved cost-effectiveness and increased value-based care.

Huge technologic progress in the digitisation of healthcare has been observed in the past years, paving the way to a point where healthcare organizations across the US are now truly looking to harness the power of these tools into a demonstrable improvement in costs and efficiency.

At the 5th AHA Summit 2018, leading experts in this space will share their expertise and case studies around the implementation of innovative analytics capabilities, providing ground for a better understanding of how we can transform healthcare into a true value-based paradigm: from innovative analytic capabilities such as machine learning and AI, to operationalization, strategic and adoption aspects, population health management or predictive analytics.

The interactive format will ensure that you have fruitful discussions addressing your major challenges. This is essential to all health analytics professionals invested in moving towards transformational improvements to patient care in practice by extracting true insight from data.


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