May 23-24, 2018
Boston, USA

Day One
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day Two
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Robert Chang Associate CMIO, University of Michigan Health System

Supporting Cost-Effectiveness of Care Delivery With Analytics

  • Michael Hunt CEO & President, St. Vincent’s Health Partners


• Describing how St. Vincent’s Health Partners have been tackling the optimization of transitions of care with novel analytic approaches
• Discussing how healthcare organizations are supporting new models of cost in the current healthcare paradigm and what the role of analytics is on supporting this

A Case-Study on Critical Improvement of Clinical Outcomes Through Analytic Innovation at INTEGRIS Health


• Leveraging Convolutional Neural Networks for Biomedical Classification
• Detection and early prediction of septic shock in Emergency and Inpatient Populations
• Detailing on the challenges and promise of implementing, piloting, refining and understanding the performance AI models in the healthcare setting

Application of Ensemble Models to Drive Value-Based Care in Dental Benefits


• Overviewing digital platforms and ensemble models in dental care
• Discussing how models optimize cost, quality and outcome
• Measuring dental health outcomes against the cost of delivering the outcomes
• Evaluating value-based care models: Dental homes

Morning Refreshments & Networking

Case Study on Choosing Wisely – Reducing Unnecessary Inpatient Blood Draws in an Academic Medical Center

  • Robert Chang Associate CMIO, University of Michigan Health System


• Reviewing our general approach to high value care and the Choosing wisely campaign
• Sharing our in-depth approach to the reduction of unnecessary morning complete blood counts (CBC’s) – starting and ending with analytics
• Lessons learned – going beyond data and modeling outcomes, the importance of validating interventions and the crucial role of integrating with operational and clinical leadership

A Journey Towards Value-Based Care


• Discussing New England’s Baptist Hospital’s continuous endeavors to reduce costs and improve quality and value
• Implementing predictive analytic capabilities around surgical procedures’ outcomes and bundle payments
• Driving leadership buy-in and proving ROI – how to demonstrate added-value by leveraging better insights

Lunch & Networking

Analytics in Action: Insights to Improvement in Healthcare

  • Betsy McVay VP & Chief Analytics Officer, UnityPoint Health


• Highlighting analytics success stories at a multi-state integrated healthcare system
• Analyzing how to successfully align an analytics team to business and clinical leaders to enable outcomes improvement
• Focusing on financial and clinical use cases that resulted in measurable success
• Discussing one organization’s strategy for balancing descriptive and advanced analytics

Mastermind Session: Successfully Driving Cost-Effectiveness & Value- Based Care With Analytics


This sessions facilitates in-depth discussions between participants in an informal environment. After splitting into small groups, participants will discuss key issues and challenges regarding the use of advanced analytic capabilities in healthcare.

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Advancing Analytics in a Constrained Environment


• Overviewing strategies to overcome organizational inertia – grandiose implementations/utilization appear to be few and far between given the cost containment pressures in the industry. However, significant progress is and can be made in the absence of 8 figure funding and the Rady Children’s experience will be shared.
• Analyzing how to strategically leveraging vendors – health care technology vendors are beginning to expand/incorporate analytics into their value proposition and their partnership should be eagerly sought out… but make sure it’s a partnership.
• Selectively distinct in genomics analytics – Rady Children’s Hospital has selectively invested in a genomics institute and is leveraging a collection of novel technologies, including AI, to be able to deliver genetic diagnosis within 20 hours from blood draw, literally saving lives.

Panel Discussion: Delving into how Analytics are Supporting the Triple Aim Framework


• Discussing how analytic capabilities are helping healthcare organizations in their
journey to increased value-based care and cost-effectiveness
• Enhancing quality of care and improving outcomes while reducing costs
• Improving patient and disease management
• Becoming proactive, instead of reactive – predicting and managing population health needs and trends
• Managing cost of care delivery at the population level
• Boosting cost-effectiveness – the role of analytics in process optimization under the current reimbursement models
• Proving ROI – are healthcare organizations able to justify huge investments in analytics as a key strategic goal? Is better insight driving higher process efficiency, better patient and population based-outcomes, and per capita cost of care?

Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Robert Chang Associate CMIO, University of Michigan Health System