Returning in May 2018
Boston, USA

Morning Workshop
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

09.00 - 12.00
Leveraging Data Analysis & Process Improvement Techniques to Enhance Patient Outcomes at Kaiser Permanente
Workshop Leader: Quinn Ho, Senior Data Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

In this case study-driven workshop, you will learn from a leading healthcare provider on how to best utilize data to mediate measurable improvement and enhancement of patient treatment.

Key takeaways and topics to be addressed include:

  • How Kaiser Permanente is innovating the use of data and analytics for quality improvement in clinical operations and outcomes.
  • The analysis of two case studies of data-driven approaches successfully implemented in the clinic, including what analytic capabilities were used and how process improvement techniques drive result:
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Access to Behavioral Care for ADHD population.
  • Lessons learned and how these examples represent the potential buried in the implementation of technology and analytics across the continuum of care

Quinn Ho, Senior Data Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

Quinn Ho

Quinn Ho is a Senior Data Consultant of the Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center, Hospital and Health Plan.  Her extensive experiences over the course of 15 years include information technology and clinical analysis of the Healthcare industry.  Quinn’s services include system infrastructure design, implementation, and reports development.  She provides analytical models that statistically describe data which in turn is applied into clinical analysis for effectiveness of care, medication management, disease management, and access to availability of care.

Prior to Kaiser Permanente, Quinn also consulted at Pacific Care, a public sector in Healthcare Insurance, where she managed 1.3 million population of US and Guam cancer registry.  Her IT background was also being used at Lifeguard and Oncology Network Technology where she designed, implemented a legacy system for the organization to automate claims process, and drugs dispensing application tool for oncology therapy.

Quinn holds a Master of Science in Information Technology Management with a concentration on Management of Healthcare Information, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science.  She is a board member of SAS users group and member of SAS global users group.  She also serves as a member of Technology Steering Committee at Kaiser Permanente.  Her passion is to explore new technology, learning new programming languages, BI tools to recommend and provide a solution to her clients and colleagues.


Afternoon Workshop
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

13.00 - 16.00
Optimizing The Data Analytics Strategy In The Leap Towards a Precision Medicine-Based Healthcare
Workshop Leader: Carolyn Hoban, Consultant, Clinical Development & Translational Medicine

In this workshop, a case study of data ecosystems in healthcare that are prototypes for predictive analytics and clinical alerts will be analysed.

The key takeaways will include:

– A thorough exploring of the lessons learned from two different approaches:
– a “top down” model to improve metrics such as LOS, Readmission and preventable events.
– a “bottom up” model curating interfaces between clinical and molecular data and use of wearable sensors in clinical research and data mining.
– A discussion of Open Data, constraints imposed or overcome by system interoperability and speed of analytics, quality of data, potential impact on

This workshop will be highly interactive and use generalizable examples to generate the takeaway of best practices for governance, human and system factors necessary for successful adoption and key platform features for early adopters.

Carolyn Hoban, Consultant, Clinical Development & Translational Medicine

Carolyn Hoban

Carolyn Hoban, ScD is a consultant in clinical development and translational medicine across in biotech, pharma and healthcare settings.  Her experience covers use of patient level data in health systems and clinical research to improve health care outcomes.  Her work has focused on development of research prototypes that focus on the integration of healthcare data, outcomes, clinical utility and user experience.  She is involved in projects to develop data analytic interfaces when patients and health care providers are consumers of data and aggregators of knowledge that help improve health care and wellness outcomes.