May 23-24, 2018
Boston, USA

Pre-Conference Workshop Day
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

13.00 - 16.00
Blockchain in Healthcare – Moving Past the Hype

Blockchain technology is on top of everyone’s minds as a the next big thing, a game-changer in the way the healthcare model works. And may we say, rightfully so…!

The potential to innovate the way data is shared between healthcare providers, in a much easier, more secure way, completely ensuring data integrity and interoperability, is disrupting the healthcare industry paradigm and will allow these organizations to continually maximize the delivery of cost-effective and value-based care to their patients and the community as a whole.

However, you can ask: How can I apply this advanced methodologies in my organization? And why exactly? Where to even start?

At this comprehensive and clarifying focused discussion – led by Tatyana Kanzaveli, a veteran and leading expert in AI and blockchain technologies, filled with real-world examples of actual implementation and tangible use-cases and results – you will be sure to leave inspired on how blockchain can actually promote and advance innovation in healthcare.

Key topics to be discussed include:
• Balancing privacy and data access
• Informed Consent as a baseline technology
• Making blockchain technologies accessible to nontechnical users
• Cryptographic tokens as a reward structure

Workshop Leaders

Tatyana Kanzaveli, Chief Executive Officer, Open Health Network

Maksim Tsvetovat, Chief Technology Officer, Open Health Network